Suburban Internet Sex Worker… season 1


Tom Becka: Hello, welcome to another episode of where every week we look at somebody new, somebody with interesting story to tell, somebody that just…Yeah, whatever part of their life is. It’s a veritable potpourri of interesting lives, lifestyles, or experiences. But stop the music. Just stop the music.

Normally I give a little introduction about the show, what we’re doing, and the music plays underneath me, we go boom, right into it. I don’t think I can do that for this show. This show here is a little bit different. This show here is one that I think maybe needs a little bit more of a setup, and also a warning. There is very graphic conversation in this.

There is sexual talk in this. If you are under 18, please either check with your parents, or turn it off now. Because what we’re going to be talking about is a woman, through a friend I met, who looks just like an everyday housewife, I would guess she’s in her late 40’s or so, maybe early 50’s, mid to late 40’s or so.

She looks like an everyday housewife. If you were to see her at the supermarket, you wouldn’t think anything of it.

In her house, 10 hours a day, roughly, she does live Internet sex shows. That’s right, yes, this lovely little housewife, in the Midwest does, live Internet sex shows.

This interview was a strange one for me strange may not be the right word. Let’s say the circumstances were strange. Normally, if somebody comes to do the podcast, they come to my house, I do a podcast here, I have a little studio and a spare bedroom and we do the interview here, and then that’s it.

I went and took the equipment to their house. I say “their” because it’s a woman, but she’s also married to a guy, that helps her with her business. We’ll get into that a little bit in the podcast.

I took the equipment to their house, and I got there, and her husband was out in the yard doing some work, then I said, “Hi, how are you, good to see you.”

We go inside. I brought the equipment, did the recording and saw her, and talk with her a little bit, “Hi, how are you doing, good to see you.” Then again, small talk that you would make at any other place. Just everyday small talk.

Then, as I was setting up the equipment, she went to get ready for the interview. By “get ready for the interview,” I mean she went and got naked, and brought out a bunch of toys that she uses for her job, there were a couple of dildos, and I mean dildos these things were big, there was also a breast and pussy pump. She will explain what that is too later on in the podcast.

This is it, this was like I said one of the more unusual podcasts that I had done in that, I don’t think you know I had ever done a podcast before or ever done an interview before where my guest was naked. I know I have never done one where I was naked. I was not naked in this by the way, I was not naked she was and tried to yeah have a conversation.

She was a little bit nervous I think at first but as the conversation went on she became more comfortable and really it’s well, hear for yourself. I started off asking her, I asked her what she wrote down on her Income tax form every year. “What does she put down on her 1040?” She said she put down web designer and I said, “That’s not a lie but it’s not entirely true either”.

I asked her what does it mean when she says that she is a web designer.

Woman: It’s being on a webcam and playing with myself and having fun and doing sex shows.

Tom: You doing sex shows on the Internet?

Woman: Yes.

Tom: Now as I drove up here, I am in a suburban neighborhood just regular nice little middle class neighborhood and people I would imagine in your neighborhood don’t know you are doing this. Do they?

Woman: No they don’t.

Tom: They probably wouldn’t even suspect this, would they?

Woman: No they wouldn’t. I am innocent looking house wife just doing it from my home and no one would suspect it, I don’t think.

Tom: How did you get into doing this sort of thing? Like you said you are a little innocent house wife and all of a sudden you are doing live sex shows on the Internet.

Woman: I just love sex so much and I was wanting to reach out and do something different and so I started looking on the Internet and saw these webcams so I started watching them and looked at it and I thought, ”Oh, boy that would be a lot of fun I would think.” That’s kind of how I got started.

Tom: [laughs] Back up a little bit. What were you doing before this, what were you doing beforehand? In the middle of the daylight specifics, but what kind of work overall?

Woman: I was in the corporate world, there was a boring job. I didn’t like my job much. I decided to go ahead and try this.

Tom: Was it weird the first time you did it?

Woman: It was strange. It was hard talking to someone, and being on camera. After doing it several weeks, it probably took me to get used to it. I got comfortable with it, talking to the guys or even women, and just enjoyed it actually. I do anywhere from personal, just conversations. I do sex things.

Tom: We’ll get to the show as itself a little an about. I want to get a little bit more though to how you got to this point. You’re tired of the corporate world. You’re tired of that you say you like sex. You’re online. You’re seeing some of these webcam shows you say, “Hey, I can do that.” Now are you married, right?

Woman: Yes I am.

Tom: How does that come out in conversation with a husband? Does he bring it up to you? Do you bring it up to him? How does that get started?

Woman: We both were talking about it. I was more interested in it than he was. But he enjoyed watching also, so I just decided after I watched these shows that the girls were doing. It looked like a lot of fun. I thought I could do that.

Tom: It looked like fun. I could do that, but then how do you go about finding the way to do it? In other words, how does this end up being your job, your career?

Woman: It does take a little bit to get going. You need to determine what the needs are out there. First of all, you to have a high-speed computer. You need to have a camera. You need to have lots of different outfits and toys. Train to figure out what people want out there.

Tom: Is it your own web page, or are you a part of another Internet porn site? I know you don’t want to give out the address. Is it your own web page, or is it an Internet porn site? Do you start doing it and hope he will find you? What’s the policy, the process?

Woman: I’m out there on several different webcam sites, and they do pretty much everything for you. They do the advertising for you and promote you out there. They figure to draw the traffic to you and everything.

Tom: You’ve been doing this how many years?

Woman: About eight years.

Tom: About eight years?

Woman: Yes.

Tom: [laughs] Does it get odd? After you’ve been in front of a camera all day…how long is an average day for you?

Woman: I treat it like a regular job, probably about 10 hours a day.

Tom: About 10 hours a day, you sit in a room in front of a camera, and guys log in. I assume they jerk off, they ask you to do things. Can you see them if they see you?

Woman: There’s different chats. There’s a free chat, and that’s you are fully clothed. You talk to the guys and trying to promote yourself. Have them take you into the private shows. That’s where you would become naked, if they wanted you to. Some don’t want you to become naked.

Tom: Wait. They go to a sex chat room, and they don’t want you to be naked?

Woman: Yes. They want someone to talk to, maybe they’re lonely, or they like seeing different outfits on you. Basically, out in the free chat is where you try and promote yourself, get to know each other. I have several people that I’ve not met. I shouldn’t say. I’ve never met anyone out of it. But you build relationships with them.

Tom: You have regular customers?

Woman: I have a lot of regular clients that come in.

Tom: They drool. You feel you know them? They feel they know you?

Woman: Exactly, they do. It’s a great friendship that you can build to, and have a lot of fun with them.

Tom: We’ll get to the fun part a little later on.

Woman: [laughs]

Tom: The whole idea about doing this fascinates me. I’m in the entertainment business, but the ideas of doing this [laughs] , not that I everybody would want to see me.

Does this cheapen sex for you and your husband? Does it make weird for you or different for now that you been doing this for ten hours a day for eight years. Do you and your husband have a normal sex life?

Woman: Yes, it’s probably built a stronger relationship between the two of us. We enjoy sex more and…

Tom: You not talking like, “Honey I been playing with myself all day, I’m tired,” sort of a thing or it’s just…

Woman: No. I love sex so much that I want and more all the time. It’s just really built our relationship also.

Tom: Now there’s going to be people that listens to this, who are going to be saying the same, “Oh I love sex, I want sex more and more,” and they’re going to think, “Oh that’s just the sort of a thing that you would tell a customer, tell a client, or the sort of the thing that you think people want to hear.

I mean is that really the case that just this for you it’s just a hobby or that you love it so much you made it into a career.

Woman: That’s it. I really enjoy it and doing the relationships with the people and having fun. I mean what more can you want than to stay home play with yourself and get paid for it.

Tom: Do you mind me asking what does it cost? If I was to give out one of these sites and do a chat with you what are we looking at here money wise?

Woman: It’s a charge per minute and it varies each girl can set their own price of what their permitted is. There’s some you can buy increments of 15 minutes or 30 minutes or however long you want to do and you do get a little discount rate that way too.

Tom: You do long periods and you get a discount rate per minute?

Woman: Right.

Tom: You seem hesitant to tell me how much it is per minute.

Woman: It varies from person to person so.

Tom: Does if varies based on who it is? In other words if it’s one of your regulars that you know all the time you say, “OK, Charlie I’m only going to charge you…”

Woman: Oh no, it’s…I have a set rate and it’s not based upon who you are to change the price. No, I have a set base rate and that’s what I charge per minute per each show no matter who you are actually.

Tom: Give me the low end and the high end per minute. At least there…Are we talking 99 cents a minute or we talk $10.00 per minute. What are the parameters?

Woman: I mean it vary.

Tom: Really? You really not supposed to tell me what it is. Can we broaden it out to in general this sort of a site. Not you, per say but other that are doing it. What would a normal per minute rate be for something like this?

Woman: Probably an average rate is probably anywhere from $1.99 to $2.99 per minute.

Tom: Per minute on that. You could make some pretty good…If you have a steady clientele you could make some real money on this?

Woman: Right.

Tom: Talk about the people that go on to this. You said some of these guys are just lonely guys, right?

Woman: Some are lonely guys that just want to really just sit down and talk with you. Others…I mean there’s the fetish people out there that want you in different outfits…

Tom: Like what?

Woman: For example there’s guys that like look up skirts. You’ll put a skirt and blouse on, some heals, stockings and you’ll have the camera aimed up your skirt or if you’re sitting with your legs open and no panties on, so that’s one.

Another is I have a lot panty fetish guys that like to see just full back panties on you and showing those off or thongs, also. They have the different costumes like maid costumes, school girl costumes…

Tom: What’s the most popular one? They have all those you just like you just said, if you were to say the tradition guy that has a fetish clothing wise it would be?

Woman: Panties, stockings and panty hose are probably really up there.

Tom: Do you sell your used panties and stuff like that to people. Do you do anything like that to make extra money?

Woman: No, I do not.

Tom: Some people do don’t they?

Woman: I think some people do. That’s just something I’ve looked into that is totally illegal.

Tom: Oh, it is? I didn’t know it’s illegal to sell a woman’s used pantie, that’s illegal.

Woman: It’s considered like a bile hazard.


Tom: I hadn’t quite looked at it that way but I guess it could be. [laughs]

Woman: Yes, yes.

Tom: This wasn’t the answer I was expecting. [laughs] You don’t do anything like that. [laughs] While you’re doing this, have you ever had anybody…Like you said you were in the corporate world before.

Have you had ever had anybody log on check it out and then it was Ralph from your old office or anything or somebody from church or somebody from the neighborhood?

Woman: There’s some people that have recognized me but not any co-worker. Anyone that’s I been very close to someone that have maybe been to out and about and their like, “Oh, I know you, I’ve seen you before,” I mean, but no one personally that has really known.

Tom: Do ever run into these guys with their wife or something like that or any awkward situations like that where their regular customers and you run into them on the street.

Woman: I have ran into any with their wives. That would be very awkward I would…But I would just act like I met him.

Tom: Now this is sort of a different interview for me here because I took this…normally I do the Podcast in my house but here we came to your place because you took some time off from work.

This is your break time right now to this Podcast. When I came it you were clothed looking like just a everyday housewife in a neighborhood. Then as I setting up you came back out, you came out naked and you brought toys. Are you more comfortable naked?

Woman: Yes I am.

Tom: I know you were a little bit nervous about doing this from the begin with.

Woman: Right.

Tom: You feel just standing in front of me or sitting here in front of me naked you’re more comfortable.

Woman: Yes I am.

Tom: Hey, I’m not complaining. I’m not complaining. What it is, I mean don’t take this the wrong way I’m not meaning this disrespectfully but you’re not what somebody thinks about somebody that would do a sex show you think about that 19 year old girl.

The hard body the hot bottom I mean you’re not that. Can I ask how old you are?

No. OK. [laughs] You never ask a woman that anyway. It be safe to say middle age, right?

Woman: Right

Tom: Middle aged woman and you have no problem with that? You are not intimidated by you know the young porn star types out there and you are doing this?

Woman: No I am not intimidated at all, I feel like I have a great personality, I have been in the sex industry for now Eight years and I just, the young girls out there, I mean the model types, I think a lot of guys, yeah they have great bodies they are beautiful but some of them can’t perform or I mean do things that they really want to see and I have a lot of the younger guys in their early twenties, I mean they see that MILF figure, so they like being with the more mature woman…just…

Tom: You get young guys that are hooking up with you, not hooking up but logging on?

Woman: Yes I do. It’s a lot of the younger guys that seems like probably you know in their twenties, thirties.

Tom: Just looking and saying that’s a MILF, yeah. Overall you understand that for most people this does not seem normal but for you this is just a very normal way of life?

Woman: Right. It is. It is my career I’ve made out of and like you said a hobby that I absolutely love.

Tom: You are making it sound like it’s all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows but there has got to be a down side to this, isn’t there?

Woman: Oh, there are. I mean you got to find, you got to be patient, there are slow times during the day, slow times during the day and you just got to keep with it, I mean you have your outstanding stellar days and then there are other days that are slow.

Tom: I didn’t mean it from a perspective of business cause every business goes through cycles you know some places are very busy at Christmas time while other places are busy at Summer time whatever it may be every business has their cycles. I meant more for the line of you know just the idea here that this you know, I mean basically job is to sit around and masturbate all day. Or do you do live shows? Does your husband ever join you on a show or anything like that?

Woman: No, he does not.

Tom: No. Other women come and join you anything like that?

Woman: No, all my shows are solo. It’s just me doing them. It’s just hard to get other models in, you have model releases, to count on someone and then to determine how to pay them too is kind of hard also cause you don’t know how busy you are going to be.

Tom: It’s just easier you be there. All right slow time, do you just in the room there and wait for someone to log on or do you get a like a notice someone is logging on and then you would be in the kitchen and then just walk in the room, how does this work?

Woman: No you have to be on cam all the time in front of the cam and what you do is maybe change your outfit, maybe that maybe it, change your hair or try and grab those people to come into your room, try, think outside the box of something fun, start doing something [inaudible 21:35] I mean you can’t play yourself or be nude but maybe show different toys, they have topics of the room, just put a topic you may want to do or look in to see…

Tom: I am trying to understand this, so there is a website, and then I go to it and there is like all these different windows and you are in one of the windows and you are competing against how many women other women are on the same page? I mean how many women other women are out there?

Woman: On an average day there is probably about 1800 to over 2000.

Tom: Really?

Woman: Women out there

Tom: That’s a lot of competition.

Woman: Yes.

Tom: How many visitors do you get on an average day?

Woman: An average day, probably I would say anywhere from three to four hundred.

Tom: Wow, 300 to 400 guys a day?

Woman: That come in. That don’t necessarily do shows but come in, I mean, and they will just talk to you or some hound you like, “Show me your ass, show me your boobs”. You can’t do that in free.

Tom: That is like a free sample thing. [inaudible 22:59] free sample and you don’t do that, it’s like if you want that it’s going to cost you two bucks a minute or whatever it is to come here and join me in the room.

Woman: They can tip you in free, and you can, some sites you can flash your boobs, most of them you can’t. There are a few out there that are a little bit more lenient or show your ass with a thong on.

Tom: Are you like in different rooms at the same time? In other words would you be in a number of different websites at the same time and someone comes to you and you shut off the other sites while you do the show and that sort of thing?

Woman: Right. Yes.

Tom: You can be on a number of different places at the same time?

Woman: Exactly.

Tom: Then the money goes to the website and then you get a check every week or how does that work?

Woman: Some you get paid weekly, some bi-weekly.

Tom: I guess, you know, I don’t know, my pre-conceived notion would be maybe these are not the most ethical business people that you are dealing with on a site like this. Are you being financially taken care of with this? Are they good business people or are they using you and the splitting the parts unknown?

Woman: No. It’s well known companies, they pay really well, when they say that they are going to deposit it or send you a check it’s there on time always. I have never had a problem of not getting paid.

Tom: Have you ever had a problem with the police? I mean I am sure the police monitor all this sort of stuff and although your neighbors may not know but might be a very good chance that some cops do or bi-squads know that you are doing this right? Have you ever had any problems like that?

Woman: I have never had problems.

Tom: No?

Woman: No I mean, I done shows with gentleman that said that they were police men so…


Woman: Firemen…

Tom: They go to a room and say, “Hey I am a cop”

Woman: [laughs] No.

Tom: Is there a certain kind of profession or businessman that tends to go this? In other words or guys that got to this are they more blue collar, are they white collar, doctors, lawyers, mechanics any…

Woman: You have every type of guy out there possible, I mean it just depends on what fetish or what they may have. Seems like a lot of the guys that I have dealt with probably maybe CEO’s of companies or lawyers that you they are in that dominant job or dominant position all day long every day that they want to be more submissive. I’ll play a dominant role with them and they would be my submissive little bitch or slave…

Tom: Do they, for lack of a better word, do they do shows for you? I mean in other words, do you get guys that say, “You can keep clothes on, I want to show you this” and that sort of thing?

Woman: Yes I have guys that, Yes just want to watch me either… [laughs] I have guys that dress in panties and stockings and I mean dress up for me and I have other guys that will fuck their ass with ungodly toys that are [laughs] unreal. I mean my mouth is open of what they are doing.

Tom: Wait, Wait you brought some toys on the table here, I mean that one there is…there is no way that you can actually use that. That thing is that about, I am guessing it’s about 18 inches long and about Six inch circumference?

Woman: It’s 14 inches long. The circumference is probably I think about four inches. I can take it probably about nine inches down.

Tom: Really?

Woman: Eight to nine inches down. I have one of my regular clients he can almost take this about probably about 11 inches down.

Tom: One of your regular clients takes something like that and puts it in his ass while he is paying you to watch him?

Woman: Right. Yes. [laughs]

Tom: Do you think any of this is weird?

Woman: No. I mean I am very open minded and I always enjoy seeing kinky things, fun things, I have a lot of submissive guys that will do whatever I say, they beg, they put clothes pins on their nipples, or their penis or tie them up.

Tom: Are those…let us say out of 10 guys, 10 random guys that are on, the type [inaudible 28:13] the ones that are putting stuff in their ass or nipples or stuff like that, is that 1 percent, is that 1 out of 10 that would be 10 percent, 50 percent, 80 percent. What percentage of guys are like that when they go to your room?

Woman: I think what it does, is it depends upon what site the webcam hosts it’s advertising on. It seems like you know some days I will have lots of guys that want pantyhose stockings or whatever it maybe, or into feet and then another day it seems like I have a lot of guys that you know want me to be their mistress for them.

Tom: Is there anything you won’t do? Taking out obviously the illegal stuff animals or children, or things like that, I am just talking fetish stuff, is there anything you wouldn’t do? That you would say, “Sorry guys that is not what I am in too”

Woman: I haven’t really said No to anything. I mean I am pretty open like you said the illegal stuff obviously No I would never want to see that or do it.

Tom: What if you got online and somebody got into your room and you can see them too right? Obviously

Woman: Not everyone, only if they have a cam and they send me their cam to view.

Tom: If you are seeing them and you see something illegal whether it would be a child, or whether be an animal or something illegal. Do you contact the authorities or how does that work? What happens?

Woman: I cut he show and then I do notify the website. There is a customer service that you would notify and I would let them know of the name and then it goes from there they take care of it.

Tom: Now we talked about that log on to your private shows but you also said women. Are they lesbians, bi-curious, or are they there with their husbands, who are the women that will go and check out your shows?

Woman: Some I have had couples. A lot of them I think are more bi-curious maybe too.

Tom: I guess if they were like lesbians they would probably go to a lesbian website right? Are you on lesbian websites, too?

Woman: No. I am not on any lesbian website. Probably the women that I have seen I don’t think that they were lesbians. But I have some come in that talk to me and they say that they are. I carry on a conversation with them. I don’t think that I’ve had any that I’ve taken in a show that were.

Tom: The difference between a male and a female customer as far as what they want, what they’re looking for.

Woman: The men are probably a little more demanding. They want to see a lot more graphic things. The women, some of them are where they love seeing the anal. They love seeing me stretch my pussy, getting a strapon. I have guys that’s one of their fetishes.

Tom: You wearing a strapon?

Woman: Me wearing a strapon, and he pretends that he’s sucking it, or getting fucked in the ass with it.

Tom: I have a rather vivid imagination on everything but I can’t imagine you online and say, “Hey let me pretend that I’m sucking your plastic dick.” I just can’t imagine that. That people get off of that, huh.

Woman: It is. It’s part of the role play. There’s guys with a small penis humiliation.

Tom: They want to be humiliated that they have a small penis?

Woman: Right. You laugh at them, you call them every…tiny, puny cock and…

Tom: They just want to be humiliated?

Woman: Right.

Tom: That gets the off sexually?

Woman: Yes.

Tom: Again, it takes all kinds. Did you have any idea it was going to be like this when you started eight years ago? What did you think this was going to be versus what it is?

Woman: I thought it was probably going to be just where I would play with myself with my toys and do sexual acts. I guess I didn’t realize all the kinkiness, and the fun stuff out there that people do and want to see done.

Tom: Has your sex life changed? You said that you and your husband have a very good sex life, but was it different before it is now? Are you more adventurous now than you would have been eight years ago?

Woman: A lot more adventurous.

Tom: Yeah?

Woman: Yes.

Tom: Before you were basically the housewife, working corporate. Tired of it, you wanted something new, something fresh, something different. Say, “I want to do this.”

Woman: Exactly. The sparks it’s brought in our lives, it’s unbelievable, and just the trusting factor, too. Not that I never trusted him, but it’s just grown us closer, and closer together and widened our horizon for our sex life.

Tom: Without giving obvious any specific things, does your husband have a job or does he manage your career? What does he do?

Woman: He does have his own career and he then he does also manage with my website of keeping on top of things and any changes that need to be done.

Tom: There must be some people listening to this, thinking that this is a case of the dominant man making his wife do this sort of thing, forcing her to do something like this. Is it?

Woman: No it’s not. Not at all.

Tom: No?

Woman: No. What you call the people that really manage or work on your website is a webmaster, is what he basically is.

Tom: He handles a lot of the technical stuff for this?

Woman: Right.

Tom: You brought some toys out. How many toys do you have in your repertoire back there? How many toys do you have?

Woman: I probably have about 40.

Tom: About 40 different toys. Are they all just dildos?

Woman: Not all dildos, no.

Tom: Like what? You brought a couple of big dildos. I’ll tell you what, you talk about these small penis humiliation. I don’t care who you are, compared to that one thing you brought out there, that’s a small penis compared to that. What is it, 14 inches and four inches thick?

Woman: Right.

Tom: How heavy is that thing?

Woman: It’s very heavy.

Tom: I picked that up and it’s, oh my God! Seriously! Doesn’t it scare you?

Woman: [laughs]

Tom: The first time you went to this and you said, “There’s no way I can do this.” Right?

Woman: Very true.

Tom: You got that, and then you got one that is maybe twice normal size, three times normal size there.

Woman: It’s nine inches.

Tom: That’s more than nine inches. [laughs] All right. Then I’ve been lying for all these years. OK

Woman: [laughs]

Tom: What’s the other thing you got there?

Woman: This is a pump. I have brought the nipple pumps. There’s a nipple pump, and I also have a pussy pump, and a boob pump.

Tom: Excuse me, what? [laughs] What is that? You’re not talking nursing or anything like that, so what are you talking about?

Woman: No. it does make your nipples swelled up, nice and big. Same with your pussy, I have a cup and you pump it up to fill it. I have these big, long tubes. They’re about three and half inch in diameter, and probably about 10 inches long, and that’s what you pump the boob up.

Tom: Is that just to get ready for the show?

Woman: These are shows that I do. This is one of the requests that I have. Today I’ve done several pumping shows.

Tom: Guys want to see you pump your nipples? Make them plump up and stuff?

Woman: Yes, nice and full.

Tom: You just take out the pump and do that?

Woman: Right.

Tom: I have led such a shielded life. Really, I’ve never heard of anything like that. Then the pussy pump too, just get the lips fuller and everything?

Woman: It pulls the pussy out, actually, and it fills the cups. It makes it real sensitive, more erotic. That’s the same way with the nipples. Health conscious, you’ve got to be careful. You don’t want to keep them on more than 15-minute increments. You want to get that blood flowing back in and everything.

Tom: It would take out so much blood that it would be harmful to you?

Woman: It could be very harmful.

Tom: Really?

Woman: On your heart with that pressure on it.

Tom: It’s pumping out so much that you keep the pump on then obviously, so the guys are getting excited watching you with the pump on your nipple, instead of looking at your nipple?

Woman: You don’t keep the pump on. You pressure it up to a certain percentage, or the pressure where you are comfortable with it and it’s not harmful on you. Then you can take this off and it stays pressurized on it.

Tom: Do you socialize with other women that do this sort of thing? Do you all get together on a Tuesday night for bowling and joke about your jobs like people in the real world do?

Woman: Unfortunately, no. I haven’t met anyone locally here that does this. I do talk to other performers on the sites actually in free chat. There has been other performers that have taken me in the private to…I don’t know if they’re trying to see what I’m doing, or becoming a friend. I’ve built a relationship up with a few of the other performers.

Tom: What do you talk about?

Woman: Some, we talk about the clients, talk about some things that have been going on, is something weird happening, has it been slow for you?

Tom: Just business stuff?

Woman: Yes.

Tom: Now this is a career that obviously is working for you, but it’s not for everybody. You would admit that, right?

Woman: I admit.

Tom: This is not for everybody. What kind of a woman do you think should be, or could be doing something like this? What kind of a woman do you think could have a job where you are just masturbating for 10 hours a day in front of a video camera for guys on the Internet?

Woman: First of all, you need to love sex.

Tom: I love chocolate pie, but I couldn’t have a whole diet of it. 10 hours a day, that’s work.

Woman: It is. It is a job. You need to treat it like a job also. You have your hours you need to put in.

Tom: You’re saying, if you’re going to do this you have to approach this as a real job, and not as just something that you think would be fun or something like that. This is a real job.

Woman: Right. Exactly. You just need to be devoted. You need to also have a great personality. You need to be able to not get frustrated if they’re harassing you, calling you names, bitch, slut. Which I don’t mind.

Tom: Guys call you that. Bitch, slut and all that sort of stuff.

Woman: All that, or you’re so old, you’re fat, ugly. You cannot get upset about that. You need to focus on the guys in your chat room that you really want to take to private, and try and get them in to private with you.

Tom: It sounds to me, some ways, you’re the same as that guy that goes into a room with you then wants you to humiliate him for a small penis. They’re humiliating you for your body.

Woman: Exactly.

Tom: Do you get anything out of it? The guy that wants to be humiliated for a small penis, he’s getting something out o f it. Do you get anything out of being called these names?

Woman: It terms me on being called a slut or a whore. I enjoy being called that when we’re role playing that. As far as someone calling me fat, ugly, no. I don’t get anything out of that.

Tom: But slut or whore, you get something out of that, yeah?

Woman: Yes. Cunt, bitch…

Tom: That’s all part of the…

Woman: Part of the dirty talk.

Tom: But if somebody says, “Hey! Your butt’s too big,” like any other woman you get upset. [laughs] This has been an interesting perspective on all of this, about who the people are that go to these chat and you doing this. How much longer do you think you can do this?

Woman: I hope till in my 60s. There’s people out there in their 60s and they’re doing it. They look great and still have a lot of fun.

Tom: You see no end in sight?

Woman: No, not right now.

Tom: You tell me you love sex and that’s one the reason why you do this. Just on an average day, you can’t be orgasming 10 hours a day, so you’re obviously going to have to be faking it sometimes.

Woman: No I usually don’t fake it. I squirt a lot and probably one of the most popular things is squirting. Guys really want to see the squirting. As far as cumming, my average I probably can do it about four, five times a day. The others, no. I will not fake anything. I rather see them cum.

Tom: Do you ever get a guy that maybe is just somebody that wants you and you just look at him and say, “Sorry dude, you’re not my type.” Would you ever tell a guy, “Sorry, I don’t really want to do a show for you.”

You’re not who I’m looking for. You’re not the type of guy that I like or I feel uncomfortable around you”. Would you ever do anything like that?

Woman: I’ve seem midget guys. I’ve seen Mr. GQs, heavy-set people. No, I don’t say no to those guys. But anyone’s that’s going to do any illegal activity that’s going to cause me to lose my job, or a show that they want to do, or have me do, then I would say no.

Tom: These sites that you’re on, are these big porno corporations? Are they just guys in their basement trying to make a few extra bucks?

Woman: No, they’re big companies.

Tom: They want to make sure that nothing illegal is going on.

Woman: Right.

Tom: Because they would lose a lot.

Woman: Exactly.

Tom: This is not just a few guys that are saying, “Hey, let’s make a few extra bucks this way.”

Woman: They really monitor your rooms and if something is not going, or something that shouldn’t be going on in free chat, they will suspend you for a certain number of days. After so many violations you will be without a job. They will kick you off the site.

Tom: Let’s wrap this up. What is it about this that you want or you’d like people to know, that we haven’t talked about? What is it about this job that you would like people to know that maybe might be a misconception about people like you?

Woman: Probably one of things is thinking that I’m not a normal human being. That I’m a bad person. This is all virtual sex. I’m not out there to try and take your husband away, or that I’m a dirt bag. I’m a very professional person. I have lots of values. Just because I like sex and doing this doesn’t mean that I’m a terrible person.


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