Who is Tom Becka?

Who is this Tom Becka guy?

I’m just a man who thinks that people are fascinating and that everybody has a story to tell.

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and am now living in Omaha, Nebraska. I’d like to think I have a Midwest sensibility and work ethic.

As a kid on Cleveland’s west side my dad was the only person on the block with a white collar job. At the age of 11, Dad got a major promotion and the family moved to the suburbs. It was this move that forced me into a different world than what I was used to.

Instead of pick up games of baseball in the playground, I was going to organized soccer matches at the field. It was here where I first discovered that I could talk to anybody about anything no matter what their background.

In the past I’ve been a radio disc-jockey (remember them?) a salesman, a professional stand up comic, and now a nationally recognized radio talk show host.

Through these careers I have been fortunate to meet some truly interesting people. Now with the freedom the internet offers, we can have long form interesting discussions with people that you might not have the chance to meet in your everyday life.

My voice and style are unique to say the least. The podcasts I’m doing can be described like NPR only with a personality and a pulse.

Being a livelong Cleveland Browns fan, I have had to develop a sense of humor and an extreme optimism that things will be better tomorrow.